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In Celebration

This CD is a compilation of tracks previously released on earlier, now unavailable, recordings.

  1. Llanfair
  2. Myfanwy
  3. Eli Jenkins Prayer
  4. Gwahoddiad
  5. The White Rose
  6. The Rhythm of Life
  7. Nessun Dorma
  8. Sunrise, Sunset
  9. Song of the Jolly Roger
  10. Portrait of my Love
  11. An Eriskay Love Lilt
  12. The Long Day Closes
  13. Softly as I leave You
  14. Sosban Fach
  15. With a Voice of Singing
  16. True Love
  17. She
  18. Bring him Home
  19. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  20. Short'nin Bread
  21. Hail Smiling Morn

In Concert

Recorded live at two concerts in Huddersfield Town Hall during 2010.

  1. Let All Men Sing
  2. Londonderry Air
  3. Unchained Melody
  4. Li'l Liza Jane
  5. African Trilogy
  6. They can't take that away from me
  7. Still as the Night
  8. Down by the Riverside
  9. Jonny come down to Hilo
  10. Jamaica Fairwell
  11. When I fall in love
  12. The Lord's Prayer
  13. There is a Balm in Gilead
  14. The Easter Hymn (featuring Sarah Ogden)

In Harmony

The recording took place on Saturday and Sunday, 24/25 September 2005 in the main hall of Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, well known for its fine accoustic qualities. The disk comprises 17 tracks including popular songs such as 'Bridge over Troubled Water' as well as spirituals like 'L'il Liza Jane' and male voice favourites 'Arwelfa' and 'To Music (Deep Harmony)'. There are also two pieces specially arranged for the choir, 'The Irish Blessing' and 'Hail, Smiling Morn'.

  1. Aberystwyth
  2. American Trilogy
  3. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  4. She
  5. Annie Laurie
  6. Arwelfa
  7. The Rose
  8. Bring Him Home
  9. My Love is Like a Red Red Rose
  10. True Love
  11. With a Voice of Singing
  12. Shortnin Bread
  13. Amen
  14. Irish Blessing
  15. Hail Smiling Morn
  16. Liza Jane

Mills Alive

Recorded at Holy Trinity Church, Low Moor, Bradford in 1997

  1. Llanfair
  2. Two Roses
  3. The Lost Chord
  4. Myfanwy
  5. The Sargeants Song
  6. Steal Away
  7. Morte Christi
  8. Eli Jenkins' Prayer
  9. When the Saints
  10. Roman War Song
  11. My Lord What a Morning
  12. Pratty Flowers
  13. An Evening's Pastorale
  14. Gwahoddiad
  15. The White Rose
  16. The Rhythm of Life
  17. Calm is the Sea
  18. Nessun Dorma

Mills Alive 2

Recorded at St John's Church, Upper Denby. Also features our good friends The Hade Edge Band conducted by Simon Wood.

  1. Gloria
  2. Sunrise, Sunset
  3. The Song of the Jolly Rodger
  4. Silver Trumpet
  5. Portrait of my Love
  6. An Eriskay Love Lilt
  7. Funiculi Funicula
  8. La Mourisque - Hade Edge Band
  9. The Anvil Chorus
  10. The Soldiers Chorus
  11. Flower Duet - Hade Edge Band
  12. The Long Day Closes
  13. Sanctus - Hade Edge Band
  14. The European
  15. I'se Weary of Waitin
  16. Sosban Fach
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