Photo shoot - Bower Roebuck

Bower Roebuck wove the cloth for our Green Jackets and recently the Choir took the opportunity to have some publicity images shot in their premises in New Mill.
The mill environment is very different to that usually chosen by choirs but we think it's inspired some interesting shots. See what you think below.
Thanks to local photographer Sarah Wells for the camera work.

Huddersfield Town Hall Concert - October 2015

The Tenors let rip in 'Cavalry'!

'One of the best concerts this Choir have ever delivered.'
The view of a couple of choristers who have been in New Mill since Day 1. Few would argue.
The supercharged opening number - Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines - got us off to a great start and we never looked back as a relaxed and confident Choir delivered a series of solid performances. And we had superb allies! Hepworth Band were cooking on gas! The Bellowhead inspired opener shook the Town Hall to it's foundations as the band moved effortlessly from high octane energy to chocolate smooth melodies that only bands of this class can deliver. Gordon Stewart gave his usual masterful display on the organ. The Choir will never forget The Lost Chord. A full on final crescendo accompanied by the Father Willis Organ. The stuff of Dreams!

More images from the Huddersfield Town Hall concert.
Alan calls for more wellie!

Alan calls for more Wellie in The Lost Chord

Mark calls for more wellie!

Hepworth Band MD Mark Peacock does likewise!

The percussion section raise the heat!

The percussion section in full flow.

The audience show their appreciation

The audience shows its appreciation as the concert comes to an end.

Choir Stall in Holmfirth - July 18th 2015

Say it with Chocolate Setting_up_the_stall""
New Mill Male Voice Choir's Promotion Group had their annual stall in Holmfirth; to raise its local profile and advertise concerts.
We chose a central spot, on the bridge next to the butcher, so footfall was much greater than the market where we had been before. The weather was kind.
There were plenty of passers-by who got their heads down and tried to ignore us, either lacking social skills or not wanting to do or give anything in exchange for our piece of chocolate cake.
My response was 'You don't know what you're missing.' They didn't hang around long enough to discover the cake was free.

More sociable pedestrians smiled and touched their tummies or said one or all of the following:
'I'm on a diet.'
'I'm trying to lose it.'
'Not with my weight.'
'I'm diabetic.'
'I'm gluten free.'
'No, I'm dairy.'
'I've just had my breakfast.'
There was a smell of cooking bacon throughout the morning, to be replaced around 11.45am by notes of battered fish.

A good half of our custom had a piece of cake, laughed and said thank you.
Many were from the Holme Valley, had heard of us and intended to come to a concert.
Who knows? Our 100 programmes, and 161 pieces of cake, were gone by 11.30am
A dozen or more singers and helpers turned out. Some went round the shops where chocolate cake was more than welcome.
The butcher was especially grateful, though we didn't get any free meat samples.
Some of our visitors wondered whether the cake was home made. Yes, thanks to Greg at the Bridge Bakery.
We still haven't worked out how to muster enough singers to perform a short set. Maybe next year.

Thank you to everyone who turned up to help and apologies to those supporters we forgot to tell.

Promotional Video

Milton and his crew at Kirklees Local TV have developed a new promotional video for the Choir. We think they've done a great job!
See what you think!

A Scarborough Retrospective

Our annual trip to the Red Lee in Scarborough came under the spotlight of Dave Walker, one of our Baritones. As always, his insightful observations are worth a read. See them here.

Huddersfield University Business School research New Mill Male Voice Choir's marketing.

Huddersfield University Project Team

The Huddersfield University Business School project team
Kathryn, Dominic, Alex and Elina.

During the course of a year the Choir produces a great deal of diverse advertising and marketing material. From flyers to beer mats we are constantly attempting to raise the profile and status of the Choir. But how effective is this activity and could we do it in a smarter way? That's the question that a group of talented second year students from the Huddersfield University Business School are analysing as part of their degree.

Part of the project is focusing on the people who come to our concerts, our audience. Who are they and why did they come?
If you have a couple of minutes to spare the Choir and Project team would be delighted if you could complete our survey. .

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